Eating, We All Have To Do It

*Disclaimer: I follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan for eating, if you are interested in it, please consider purchasing the plan book and cookbooks, for further information!*


Mindless eating.

Emotional eating.

Stress eating.

Happy eating.

Whatever eating.


We all have to eat at some point…sadly. Okay, well it’s only sad, because for most of us these days, eating has become a battle. A war. A weary one, but a war nonetheless.

I love food, I always have. Home cooking, going out, trying new things, making the same recipe for the 2000th time. Savory, sweet, salty, spicy…it’s all music to my ears.

What’s equally as sad, is that over the years, what I’ve eaten has waged a war on my body, some battles have gone unnoticed and some were in my face. Within the last 5 years, my health has been in the toilet, and I haven’t really gotten out of there yet.

What I eat is not supporting a healthy body, let alone repairing a healthy body. Not only does my Hashimoto’s play a role, but with my gall bladder gone as well, I can’t assimilate fats, and the vitamins that are fat-soluble. Toss in a gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance and being sensitive to several other foods…well I’ll just say that the great love I had for food and waned a little bit, and for awhile I hated food. ALL food was evil to me, and to my body.

Such a change from loving it all, to hating it all…and fearing it.

I don’t like living in fear. I can’t sustain that fear, y’all.

So I slowly made my way out of that, but I still have residual fear of food. But the way I deal with it is crazy…I’m crazy. I just eat it ALL. Without care. Without thought. And say screw the consequences. Yeah…real healthy mindset.

I’m a sugar addict.

I crave all the bad stuff.

My body says I need this stuff…but logically I know I don’t.

New habits need to be formed, I need to find solutions to the cravings, replacements if you will. And I will. For my health, and my future!




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