Inner Fat Girl Dialog #3

*Disclaimer: I follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan for eating, if you are interested in it, please consider purchasing the plan book and cookbooks, for further information!*




You do NOT need those chips that your husband left at home, while he went to drill.

No…no…no…keep your cotton-pickin’ hands off of those! Your mind is LYING to you, do you HEAR me?! LYING.

It’s telling you it’s good, and a little won’t hurt…

But the truth is, that a little leads to a lot with you, doesn’t it? A little leads to realizing the whole bag is gone in one sitting. A little leads to shame, and guilt afterwards. A little leads to a huge rush of carb/sugar to your system which will just cause more cravings later today.

So go drink something, like Good Girl Moonshine. Go eat something, like Skinny Chocolate, or some crispy oven baked beans for that salty crunch you’re looking for.

Don’t let your mind lie to you anymore, and retrain those taste buds!

Hey…don’t think I don’t see you eyeing that naughty bag again…listen to me slowly, kid…

Eat as though you LOVE yourself. It’s that simple. ❤


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