Non-Scale Victories!

*Disclaimer: I follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan for eating, if you are interested in it, please consider purchasing the plan book and cookbooks, for further information!*


I’ve been following THM for over a year now, but this past week or two, I’ve been doing better at it than the previous weeks.
I’m starting to notice a more optimistic mood emerging.
I’m not sure what, or why, and how…but I’m going to take it! I have Hashimoto’s, and unfortunately, we Hashi’s people can get depressed easily.

I’m praying this trend continues, and this is yet another motivating factor for my to continue being on plan! (April 7, 2016)


This morning, I put my tight jeans on, and they were loose again! I know I’m not weighing myself, but these little tests are what keep me going! (April 9, 2016)


We have to work this plan as individuals. That means its going to look different, and the results will look a little different.

I promise myself:
✅That I won’t compare myself to anyone else but me.
✅ That I won’t weigh myself but instead consider my health my measurement stick.
✅That I won’t accept guilt or shame as a by-product of this journey.
✅That I will accept joy, grace and my own learning curve.
✅That I accept my differences and food intolerances as a fun challenge.
✅That I won’t allow my inner fat girl to lie to me anymore…I will change her taste buds too!
✅I promise myself that I will take care of my body as if I really do love it.
✅I promise myself that no matter how hard this journey gets, I will remember these points! (April 8, 2016)



These are random thoughts, and sometimes posts, for personal encouragement, or to encourage others. 🙂




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