What’s the Point?

*Disclaimer: I follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan for eating, if you are interested in it, please consider purchasing the plan book and cookbooks, for further information!*


“Hey, Peggy, you have a lot of blogs! Why do you have yet another one?”

“What’s the point?!”


It’s true, I do have several blogs, many started, and not many (okay none) that I keep up for long. But the purpose of THIS blog is to document my journey towards better health.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

So, here I am, trying to be honest with myself as I go, because lets face it…dealing with your demons is hard, and some of the typical advice can’t apply to food. I can’t just eliminate it from my life. I can’t change the fact that I do indeed need to eat, in order to live.

But I can change habits, I can change what is brought into the house, what types of meals to make, and what places we go to, to eat out.

It’s so easy to make excuses, isn’t it? But with Trim Healthy Mama, I have no excuses…Don’t believe me…watch this:

“I can’t afford it.” – wrong, you don’t need special ingredients to make THM meals, use what you have on hand already!

“It tastes weird.” – well okay, it might. But it doesn’t take very long at all to change your taste buds, think 21 days…

“My life is too busy!” – this is why crock pots were invented. And ovens. And you can still get on plan food at restaurants too.

“I love chocolate too much to diet” – perfect! So do I. And I don’t diet. I eat! Sometimes I eat a lot! 😉 But I eat a lot of chocolate too!

“I have too many food allergies, and intolerances, I couldn’t to THM.” – Oh, well thats okay. THM is completely doable, and works around any food issues, quite easily.


Food freedom. Let that sink in for awhile.

Easy. Simple. Enjoyable. Full of grace.


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