Being Thankful

*Disclaimer: I follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan for eating, if you are interested in it, please consider purchasing the plan book and cookbooks, for further information!*


Goodness, already my tenth post here! 😀

This weekend, I’ve prepped a lot of food, snacks, treats, and I’ve noticed something. I’m excited to be eating again. Knowing that I have a lot of food mostly made up, helps relieve a LOT of stress in my life. I wish I could be THIS prepared every week, but I practice a lot of grace on myself, and take it one day at a time…3 hours at a time! 😉 lol

I have found that having elements of meals made in advance, helps me tremendously in staying on plan. Why would I stop and get fast food, when I have things prepped and ready to go at home?

For example, I have all my meats cooked, cooled and in family sized portions.

I have snacks (Skinny Chocolate, Pay Off Day Candies, and Flax Crackers, hard boiled eggs) ready to go when the munchies hit…or when my hubby brings out his junk food. 😉

I have a large pot of beans cooking, for the week.
I will also have quinoa cooked, and ready to go.

With all of these steps done, it makes it SO Much easier to this Drive-Thru Sue/Allergy/Budget Mama/ (who really dreams of being a Purist/Farm Fresh Tess but is too lazy by all the work, so doing it in steps helps me!)

I have a loose menu for my dinners, so I can decide what I feel like having that night, and our breakfasts are simple and quick, like overnight oats, or eggs with veggies, sometimes cake.

Lunches will be leftovers for the family, and eating at work for myself. I have found several meals that are on plan, and very filling at work, (I work at McDonalds!).

What do you do to prep and plan for the week? Those who plan, do well, and even if you prep your proteins, it’ll be that much quicker to make your family dinners! Baby steps, y’all!!!